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MPO Calendar & Newsletter

MPO Calendar – If you would like to receive notification of MPO events, please sign up for our Adviser Network
MPO Calendar  

See the one page annual calendars by clicking the links:

2021 MPO Calendar

2022 MPO Calendar – 5-12-22 update

View the Detailed MPO meeting calendar with links to agendas and minutes.


Newsletter The MPO has switched to an electronic format for its newsletters. They may be downloaded below:


January 2022 Collier MPO Newsletter

February 2022 Collier MPO Newsletter

March 2022 Collier MPO Newsletter

April Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter (Final)


January Newsletter 2021

Newsletter Feb 2021

Newsletter March 2021

Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter May 2021

Newsletter June 2021

Newsletter July 2021

Newsletter August 2021

Newsletter September 2021

Newsletter October 2021

Newsletter November 2021

Newsletter December 2021