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Marco Island Loop Trail Feasibility Study Completed August 2023

Collier MPO prioritized the Marco Island Loop Trail Feasibility Study for funding in June 2020 at the request of the Marco Island City Council. The purpose of the project is to enhance the regional bicycle and pedestrian network connecting Marco Island to the Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail facility along US 41 and to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in the study corridors. The project (FPN 448028-1) was funded for $300,000 in FY 2022 using the MPO’s SU funds in the FY 2022-2026 TIP. FDOT agreed to serve as the Lead Agency since the study included SR 951 (Collier Blvd) and CR 92 (San Marco Rd.)

FDOT hired the consulting firm, Landis Evans & Partners, to conduct the study. FDOT and the consultant team are giving a series of presentations to the MPO’s advisory committees, the City of Marco Island, and the MPO Board during the months of April, May and June 2023. Final Report, completed in August 2023, can be viewed here

Livingston Rd – Florida Power and Light (FPL) Greenway Feasibility Study FPN# 447514-1

The Collier MPO and County Transportation Planning Division submitted a joint application for SUN Trail funding in December 2019 for the Livingston Rd. FPL Greenway Feasibility Study. The study received $1.1 million in state funding and was originally programmed to begin in FY 2026. FDOT was able to advance the funding at the request of the Naples Pathway Coalition, Collier County and Collier MPO so the project can begin in FY 2024. FPN# 447514-1 can be viewed in the Draft FY2024-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) TIP – Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (

Rules of the Road

In a recent email, Sergeant Brian Sawyer, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Community Engagement Division provided a flyer on the Rules of the Road. He noted that, while a significant focus of society is on COVID-19 right now, a notable increase in pedestrians and bicyclists is a byproduct of the change in everyone’s day-to-day behavior. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is publicizing the attached flyer to educate or remind people of what legal guidelines exist regarding this issue. Feel free to share with your constituents, friends and neighbors. Bicycle safety has continued to be a focus of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for years as seen by various events the office has facilitated and participated in. Educating citizens on how to be safe and follow the laws will certainly lead us towards an even safer community.

 The flyer can be viewed at this link: Rules-of-the-Road

Bicycle Maps
Naples Bicycle & Tourism Map – Northern Section & Southern Section

Marco Island Bike Path Master Plan Map

Walkable Community Studies

A walkable community is defined as having compact residential development, a mix of land uses, a well-connected street network, bus stops, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and mixed-use paths. It is a community where one can safely and efficiently get to the store, school, park, or other destinations within the neighborhood without the use of an automobile.

A walkable community study is a study to assess pedestrian conditions (walkability) in a community. The study analyzes the layout and design of the existing facilities in a community. The analyzed facilities and recommended improvements are then tiered and phased for implementation based on the needs of the community and the impact that a change in the facility will have on a neighborhood.

The Collier MPO has completed walkable community studies in three communities which may be downloaded using the links below. A draft of a fourth study for Golden Gate City is also available for download. The results of the studies will be incorporated into the Collier MPO’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The Plan is one source used by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to recommend prioritization of bicycle and pedestrian projects that are submitted for consideration of future funding. The results may also be used by Collier County government, Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) and Municipal Service Taxing Units (MSTU) in developing their capital improvement programs.

Bayshore Walkable Community Study
Immokalee Walkable Community Study
Naples Manor Walkable Community Study
Golden Gate Walkable Community Study

FDOT Arterial Safety Study

The FDOT Arterial Safety Study was part of a FDOT District One Traffic Safety Project effort and covered US 41 between Commercial Drive and Guilford Road. The study examined the entirety of the road including how it functions as an arterial; vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian usage and crashes; and provided recommendations for improving the overall safety of the corridor.

FDOT Pedestrian / Bicycle Safety Audit

The FDOT sponsored FDOT Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety Audit covered parts of US 41 and Airport Road in the immediate vicinity of the Collier County government center. The study included site reviews and extensive analysis of bicycle/pedestrian traffic, bicycle/pedestrian crash data, roadway design and geometry, and the existing built environment. The study also provided recommendations for improving safety in the corridor.

Collier MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study

The Collier MPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study was an analysis of bicycle and pedestrian crash data to identify high-crash corridors and recommendations for more quantitatively including safety in the bicycle and pedestrian project selection process. The study also includes a summarization of a public survey on bicycle and pedestrian crash risks.