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The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of citizens representing geographic areas, as well as citizens representing the disabled and minorities. These individuals make recommendations to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board from the public’s perspective on proposed Long Range Transportation Plans, individual projects, priorities for state and federal funding, and other transportation issues. There are 13 voting members including 2 at-large members in the CAC. Members are listed below.

If you are interested in applying for a vacant seat on this committee, please contact MPO Executive Director, Anne McLaughlin at 239-252-5884. An Advisory Committee Application form may also be downloaded and returned to Ms. McLaughlin at

*Please be sure to download the application prior to filling it out.

2021 Citizens Advisory Committee By-Laws 


Citizens Advisory Committee

Name Area of Representation
Dennis DiDonna At Large
Michelle Arnold At Large
VACANT City of Marco Island​
Fred Sasser City of Naples
VACANT City of Naples
VACANT District I
Neal Gelfand, Vice Chair District II
Dennis Stalzer District III
Karen Homiak District IV
Josephine Medina District V
Elaine Middelstaedt, Chair Everglades City
Misty Phillips Persons with Disabilities
Josh Rincon Representative of Minorities