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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consists of planners, engineers, and other technical professionals. TAC members are responsible for maintaining, controlling, developing, and improving the transportation system throughout the Collier County area. They review transportation plans and programs from a technical perspective. There are 13 voting members and 1 non-voting members. Members are listed below.

Click on this link to view the TAC Bylaws:

TAC Bylaws 2024

Technical Advisory Committee – Voting Members
Name Representing
Harry Henkel City of Everglades City Mayoral Appointment
Daniel Smith City of Marco Island Community Development Department
Justin Martin City of Marco Island Public Works Department
Alison Bickett, Vice-Chair City of Naples Engineering
Dave Rivera City of Naples Traffic Operations
Ute Vandersluis City of Naples Airport Authority
Bryant Garrett Collier County Airport Authority
Bert Miller Collier County Growth Management Department Community Planning & Resiliency
Omar DeLeon Collier County Public Transit & Neighborhood Enhancement
John Lambcke Collier County School District
Lorraine Lantz, Chair Collier County Transportation Planning
Don Scott Lee County MPO
Margaret Wuerstle Regional Planning Organization (formerly SWFRDC)


Technical Advisory Committee – Non-Voting Members
Name Representing
VACANT Local Environmental Agency