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MPO Board

The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board is comprised of the five members of the Collier County Board of County Commissioners, two members of the Naples City Council, one member of the Marco Island City Council, one member of the City of Everglades City Council, and one non-voting member from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The 2019 Chair of the MPO Board is Councilman Reg Buxton; the Vice-Chair is Councilwoman Elaine Middelstaedt, Esq.

MPO Bylaws

2020 MPO Meeting Calendar

The Board members are shown in the photo below:
Top row left to right: Councilman Terry Hutchison, City of Naples; Councilman Eric Brechnitz, Vice-Chair, City of Marco Island; Commissioner Burt Saunders (District ); Commissioner William L. McDaniel Jr. (District 5)
Middle row left to right: Commissioner Donna Fiala (District 1); Commissioner Andy Solis Esq. (District 2); Councilwoman Elaine Middelstaedt, Esq., Chair (City of Everglades City); Commissioner Penny Taylor (District 4)
Bottom row: Councilman Reg Buxton (City of Naples)
Secretary L.K. Nandam, FDOT District 1 (not shown) is an advisory member to the Board