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Latest News

Bicycle Turn Boxes

The first green-painted bicycle turn boxes in Florida will be installed this August at the intersection of Treeline Avenue and Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers. Bicycle boxes are designed to increase cyclist safety while making left-turns at large intersections. A cyclist…

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Wildlife Crossing Video

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has been installing wildlife crossings underneath roadways. The crossings are a safety measure to keep animals out of the roadway and give them easier access to move from one side of the county to…

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FY208/2019 UPWP Modification 3

The modification reallocates $15,000 from Task 1 to Task 5 as shown below: Task # Task Description FHWA (PL) UPWP Amendment PL Funding After Amendment 1 Administration $     330,000 $                     (15,000) $                     315,000 2 Data Collection/Development $    …

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