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FY 20/21-21/22 UPWP – Amendment 1

The Collier MPO has prepared an amendment to the FY 20/21-21/22 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The UPWP is the biennial budgetary document for the MPO’s operations and programs. In accordance with the MPO’s Public Participation Plan, the attached amendment is being circulated for public review and comment. Revisions to the document include the following:

• Revising the FY 20/21 FTA 5305(d) amount to reflect the final allocation
• Adding FY 17/18, FY18/19 FTA 5305(d) funding to the current UPWP to reallocate travel budget to personnel
• Adding “Contract G1J00” to Cover Page
• FY 19/20 5305(d) funding – Removed $45,000 from consultant services of the Transit Element of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The MPO was able to fully fund the LRTP with SU funding. This funding was added to assist PTNE with their Comprehensive Operational Analysis.
• Revised summary tables T1 and T2
• Added Appendix E – FY 20/21 5305(d) Grant application

FY 21-22 UPWP Draft Amendment 1 Summary of Changes
FY 21_22 UPWP Draft Amendment 1

Please send any comments to Karen Intriago, MPO Administrative Assistant, at prior to September 30th.