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De-obligation of Funding and Draft Amendment to FY 18/19-19/20 UPWP

The Collier MPO has prepared an amendment to the FY 18/19-19/20 Unified Planning Work Program to de-obligate funding and extend deadlines for some studies currently in progress.  There are two attachments included in this email.  The first attachment is pages from the UPWP that have been changed.  Changes to the main document have been shown in strikethrough/underline format, changes to the tables are shown in red type.  The second attachment shows a breakdown of changes to funding for the de-obligation.  Please review the attached documents and send any comments to Brandy Otero, MPO Principal Planner, at, prior to April 3rd.  In accordance with the MPO’s Public Participation Plan, the amendment has been sent to the Adviser Network for review and comment.

FY 18/19-19/20 UPWP Amendment 6

De-Obligation Breakdown

The MPO Board has authorized the Chair to review and approve the amendment in absence of a Board meeting.  The amendment will be given to the Chair for review after the April 3rd date and will be submitted to the Florida Department of Transportation for processing after April 10th.