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Public Comment Sought for Amendment to Bike Ped Master Plan

The Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has opened a Public Comment Period for an amendment to the MPO’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Plan). The public comment period will end at the MPO Board meeting on February 14, 2020 after Board discussion and public input.

The amendment will add a single sentence to recognize that the Plan considers roadway improvements made by the County or the three municipalities within the County, as priorities for consideration of adding bicycle and pedestrian improvements as part of the roadway improvement. The text from page 35 of the Plan is excerpted below with the added sentence shown in red.

The entire plan may be downloaded by clicking Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The amendment will also be reviewed by three MPO Advisory Committees; the locations are listed below. Please call Eric Ortman at 239-252-5874 with any comments or questions. You may also comment by emailing the MPO at CollierMPO.

Existing + Proposed Facilities

The project team added a layer to the needs analysis described above—capacity enhancement roadway projects identified in the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Roadway enhancement projects provide an excellent opportunity to expand the bicycle and pedestrian network in a cost-effective manner.

The Existing + Proposed Facilities Map (Figure 17) is a visual summary of the project priorities for major roadways and the Spine Trail network based on the foregoing analysis. Roadways identified for improvements in the County’s Annual Update Inventory and Report (AUIR) and municipal Capital Improvement Programs (CIPs) are also considered priorities.

MPO Board meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, February 14, 2020 in the
Board of County Commissioners Chambers, 3299 East Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL. 34112

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, 9:00 am on Tuesday January 21, 2020 in
Conference Rooms 609/610, Collier County Growth Management Department, 2800 Horseshoe Drive North, Naples, FL. 34104;

Technical Advisory Committee, 9:30 am on Monday January 27, 2020 in
Conference Rooms 609/610, Collier County Growth Management Department, 2800 Horseshoe Drive North, Naples, FL. 34104;

Citizens Advisory Committee, 2:00 pm on Monday January 27, 2020 in
Main Room, Collier County Growth Management Department, 2885 Horseshoe Drive South, Naples, FL. 34104;