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Bicycle Turn Box

Two-Stage Bicycle Turn Boxes are high-visibility traffic control devices that offer an alternate way for cyclists riding in bike lanes to make left turns at signalized intersections. They can be especially effective at multi-lane, high-volume intersections where they can reduce cyclist and motorist conflicts. Turn boxes may also encourage cyclists to use the bike lanes rather than the sidewalks and crosswalks around the intersection, thus reducing conflicts with pedestrians.

A pilot project which is the first in the State, to test the effectiveness of turn boxes is being undertaken at the Daniels Parkway and Treeline Avenue intersection in Fort Myers. The project is a joint collaboration between the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Lee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Lee County Department of Transportation (LCDOT). The turn boxes were added to the intersection during the recent resurfacing of Daniels Parkway.

Click Flyer to view or download a brief introduction to turn boxes.

Click Video  to watch an instructional video on using a two-stage turn box.