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Amendment 4 to FY18/19-19/20 Unified Planning Work Program

The UPWP provides a planning work program that identifies and describes the MPO’s budget for activities, studies and technical support expected to be undertaken in the metropolitan area on behalf of the MPO Board. It also lists the funding source(s) for each planning task and specifies whether the task will be conducted by MPO staff, consultants or county agencies.

Please click her for the UPWP Amendment.

In addition, changes have been made to the FTA 5305(d) budget and the TD budget in the UPWP. In order to spend down 5305 grant funding from FY 15/16 and 16/17, it is necessary to identify the funding in the UPWP as revenue so it can be allocated to a study. Carryforward funding in the amount of $133,600 has been shown in Task 6. Task 6 has also been revised to reflect the final allocation for the TD grant and for the FY 19/20 FTA 5305(d) grant. The Standard Form 424, and FTA budget forms have been updated to reflect the revised amount.  Tables 3 and 4 have been updated to reflect the revised budget. The changes in the budget sources are shown below:

Funding Source Current Amendment After Amendment
FTA $ 142,069 $ 139,764 $ 281,833
PL $ 839,988   $ 839,988
TD $ 26,915 $       101 $   27,016
Local $    8,000   $   8,000
Soft Match $185,262   $ 185,262
  $1,202,234 $ 139,865 $1,342,099